This is to notify you of some additional work that needs to take place
to upgrade the Email and Calendar service. As a result of the work done
over the past weekend, most of the upgrade was completed uneventfully.
Due to an issue with hardware, we were unable to complete the entire
project in the time available without affecting other projects going on
over the weekend.

Because of this, we will be completing the upgrade on Friday, May 29th at
10:00 pm. We expect the work to be completed within 1 hour. During a
portion of this 1 hour period, several email servers will be unavailable
for approximately 40 minutes, including the server that processes your
email and calendar information. As that server is being upgraded, you
will be unable to download email, use Webmail, or use
the calendar. Your incoming mail will be queued and delivered
when the upgrade to the server is complete. No email will be lost.